Bakery Village: Custom Homes

kitchen and dining room
Irish Channel Single Family Historic Renovation
March 17, 2016
Creole Cottage street facade
Lower Garden District Single Family Creole Cottage
March 30, 2016

Bakery Village: Custom Homes

The Corinthian model home exterior

Bakery Village, a neighborhood of custom single family homes designed by Adamick Architecture, will soon replace the vacant and shuttered Turnbull Bakery. The Turnbull warehouse   occupies  3/4 of a city  block in the Historic Irish Channel neighborhood and was recently approved for demolition by the Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) of New Orleans. The developer and contractor are  looking to create a contemporary, historically sensitive development that would compliment the existing neighborhood. The development will include the phased construction of fifteen to eighteen single family homes. Adamick Architecture provided the initial HDLC-approved designs and will continue working with the Bakery Village team to provide custom homes to suit individual client needs.

The Turnbull Bakery story starts in 1907 on the 500 block of First Street. Francis Turnbull began making ice cream cones in a shotgun double where the bakery is currently located. In the 1940’s Turnbull’s wife, Elizabeth, gained control and expanded the footprint of the building to 75% of the bock. The bakery began manufacturing Melba Toast and packaged goods for companies such as Nabisco and Keebler, and local businesses like Mandina’s and Liuzza’s By the Track. The bakery closed in 2010 after Lady Turnbull’s death and briefly re-opened before the family decided to close the business permanently.

The design team expressed a desire to create homes that reflected the historic rhythm of the Irish Channel. The Irish channel is home to a mixture of New Orleans’ architectural styles, from the understated Creole cottage to the austere Greek Revival or ornate Victorian double.



Homes found on 1st St, adjacent to Turnbull Bakery.


Home found on St. Thomas St., directly across from Turmbull Bakery.


Homes found on 1st St., directly across from Turnbull Bakery.

st thomas_2

2339 St. Thomas. Adamick Architecture project to began rehabilitation located kitty-corner to Turnbull Bakery.


As you can see from the above photos, the Irish Channel is made up of many different types  of residences. These buildings differ in typology, massing, and style. The design of  homes for Bakery Village seeks to pay homage to the architectural feel already found in the Irish Channel, by varying the housing stock, but still prioritizing quality.

We began by providing  four HDLC approved  designs that showcase the potential of this custom home subdivision.  Two of the designs were done in ‘high style’ while the other two maintain more of a traditional New Orleans’ massing.

The four initial designs are The Corinthian, The Greek Revival, The Camelback, and The Sidehall. Although all differ in design, they share an open living space on the first floor with more private spaces  on the second.

The  Corinthian and the Greek Revival were designed with luxury in mind. They have a strong street presence with a two car garage in the rear. This was done to minimize the amount of cars parked on street and in the front of the house, and to create a private neighborhood walkway at the rear of the homes.





Corinthian First Floor Plan
Corinthian Second Floor Plan

The Camelback and the Sidehall are more traditional in their massing, with parking along the side of the house. The Camelback is a simple three bay double gallery with communal space on the first floor and private bedrooms on the second floor.

The Sidehall looks simple and understated from the front, but this home boasts a double rear porch that wraps around the side of the house, hence the name, Sidehall. On the first floor, the family room opens up to the porch as does the bedroom on the second floor.  The master bedroom has its own private porch on the front elevation.

Bakery Village and Adamick Architecture are working together to create a contemporary, custom home, luxury neighborhood with historical values. We are excited to work with home owners to customize these plans to their individual needs. These home packages only showcase the potential of this neighborhood. There is still opportunity to purchase a lot and work with us to design your family’s home from the ground up.

For more information, please visit  the Bakery Village website.


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