Bywater Bakery

This historic corner store was sitting vacant and being used for the occasional art show and for band practice. Adamick Architecture worked closely with the owners to develop a bakery and café space within the existing footprint of the building to return the building into commerce. Today you can still see local art on the wall and the occasional show while also enjoying the wonderful menu of baked goods, sandwiches, and drinks. Adjacent to the café is an apartment with access to an intimate courtyard. We developed fire details to separate these two uses while maintaining many historic features including doors, windows, beadboard ceilings, and bargeboard walls. The building is under full HDLC control, so we navigated the approval process for the necessary façade changes while also ensuring that the building became ADA compliant. To better serve customers, an expansion of the kitchen was planned for and implemented just in time for Bywater Bakery’s upcoming 2nd birthday in January. If you haven’t tried one of their amazing cakes or sandwiches, we suggest that you make a visit!

We are looking for an Architectural Designer to join the team!