Vals On Freret

New Orleans, LA

AIA New Orleans 2022 Architecture Design Award Winning, Vals, a structure that had been a service station since the 1930s, now has a new facelift as a Mexican street-style restaurant from the CureCo family. Adamick Architecture worked closely with the restaurant group to create what can now be considered an homage to the service station roots of the Freret St. corner, with a touch of industrialism. The restaurant’s name originated during the earlier stages of construction when a sign that read “Vals” was revealed as the layers were being stripped. In keeping with the theme of its predecessor, some of the original metal finishes and fixtures throughout were salvaged during construction and incorporated to achieve the vintage aesthetic that draws you in from the moment you turn the corner. Once in the interior, you are welcomed by roll-up garage doors, an all-concrete bar with a curated selection of tequilas and mezcal, and skylights in the dining area. As a structure located within the Uptown New Orleans National Register Historic District, Adamick Architecture took great care in getting approval from the BBSA for the installment of permeable rows of concrete flooring as a measure to preserve the historic character and design from flood damage in the future. If you find yourself Uptown on a beautiful day, make sure to stop by for a margarita or two!

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