Other Services


We provide master planning services in addition to designing structures as part of larger developments. We have experience designing single family homes that form a cohesive part of new subdivisions in New Orleans. We have also developed adaptive reuse schemes for historic structures.

Conditional Uses

Adamick Architecture can assist clients by helping to engage with the community and creating compelling presentations to secure a conditional use.


Sometimes zoning and code regulations cannot be adhered to in a project. We have the expertise to work with regulators to develop equivalencies so the project can move forward.


While there is a current moratorium on the city enforcing encroachments for historic structures, sometimes a balcony or gallery that crosses the property line would be beneficial to the project. We can help clients navigate this process.

Historic Tax Credits

State historic tax credits were introduced as a way to encourage the rehabilitation of existing buildings in Louisiana’s cultural corridors. This interest in preserving the historic character of structures and spurring economic development results in lucrative returns for residential and commercial renovation projects. Adamick Architecture has developed good relationships with the state historic preservation office and is happy to assist our clients with the process for applying for State and Federal historic tax credits in tandem with their design.

Historic Districts

Adamick Architecture specializes in the renovation of historic structures and provide expertise for this unique service. Our design staff has extensive experience both in Louisiana and elsewhere for historic restoration and rehabilitation, and professional training in historic preservation. We have good relationship with both the New Orleans VCC and HDLC.

Liquor Licenses

Adamick Architecture assists businesses in New Orleans with producing the necessary documentation for liquor license applications with the state of Louisiana. Establishments selling alcoholic beverages in Louisiana must apply for both a liquor license with both their city or parish and with the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

Department of Health Applications

We can assist clients that are require a commercial kitchen design in their application to the DHH.

Levee Permits

Many times when building within a certain distance of the levees, approval from Levee Boards or the Army Core of Engineers is required. Adamick Architecture understands the process of this application and has procedures in place to make sure this application does not delay projects.

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