The Best Times to Tackle Home Renovation Projects


There are many factors to take into consideration when tackling home renovation projects. Weather, architecture, and other area-specific considerations all play a role in deciding what is the best time to do your home improvement work. This article will give you some helpful information on how to choose the best time for your specific situation!

Planning Renovations for Your House

Historic cities like New Orleans have eclectic, notable architecture and cultural flair that you can highlight and blend with your personal style while renovating your home.

To plan which renovations you’d like to tackle, the first step is to understand how the home was originally constructed. In New Orleans, that mostly means taking a look at what kind of materials were used to build your house, especially if it was built before 1900. For example, if you live in an old Creole cottage-style home with frame construction and wood floors covered by carpeting or rugs, investing in hardwood floor refinishing may be a worthy investment for the future and resale of your home.

You should also consider the weather and climate in your area when considering home renovations. If you live in a humid environment like NOLA, it’s important to consider moisture-related home projects that may not be as glamorous— such as replacing the roofing or installing an air conditioning unit—but could provide structural reinforcement and value to your home.

Finally, consider your own creative vision when planning your renovations! If you are a history buff and want to preserve the architectural integrity of your home, don’t hesitate to share this with renovation contractors for advice on how best to do it. If you’re dreaming bigger—and are not afraid of tearing down walls or adding structural elements like an outdoor deck—you may need professional help from licensed architects who can ensure your projects are safe and successful. The sky’s the limit when planning and prioritizing your home remodel projects.

Summer Home Renovation Tips in New Orleans

So, when should you tackle various projects? It can help alleviate some overwhelming stress to think seasonally about your home renovations. New Orleans summers, for instance, are hot and humid, so consider projects that will help you stay cool from the heat like adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom or installing window screens.

Think about where you will enjoy your home the most during the summer as well. You may even be able to tackle an outdoor project or two, such as planting a garden or installing an outdoor fountain.

Expert Tip: Invest in energy-efficient appliances and windows that will reduce your utility bills and help keep your house cooler during summer months.

Fall Home Renovation Tips in New Orleans

Fall is a great home renovation time in New Orleans, with cooler temps and the chance for rain to help wash your house down!

Fall home projects may include:

  • Adding insulation to your attic or basement
  • Replacing old windows that aren’t energy efficient
  • Installing a rain barrel on the roof for less water use and more natural beauty.
  • Refreshing a room or two inside your home with new paint, floors or furniture.

Expert Tip: Keep an eye out for home renovations you can do yourself, such as repairing leaky faucets and replacing light fixtures. It will save you some money and help you feel connected to your space.

Winter Home Renovations Tips in New Orleans

New Orleans winters are typically mild but there may be times where it gets cold, wet, or snowy. Take care of home renovation projects now to keep yourself cozy all year round!

Winter projects are also great when trying to avoid high summer humidity and heat. Winter house projects include exterior home renovations that make the most of your property space.

  • Adding a camelback: essentially a home add-on that is mostly a second story addition to the rear of the home.
  • Enclosing your carport: by adding walls and insulation, you can turn this space into an office, gym, or to keep your cars safe from storm damage.
  • Extending and enclosing your porch. This allows you to enjoy late nights in the spring or summer without being harassed by mosquitos. You can also wire your porch to include a fan and lighting.

Doing your winter home renovation project now will save you from making two rounds through the house in the next year!

Spring Home Renovations Tips in New Orleans

Spring is also a popular time of year because many homeowners want to tackle projects before summer arrives again.

Talk to your contractor about which spring home projects you’d like to tackle. Exterior projects, such as adding a roof overhang, replacing windows, or painting the exterior siding could be a good option. Interior spring home projects could include installing new outlets and baseboard heating (found in some parts of New Orleans).

Spring is also the time to install central air conditioning in your home, if you haven’t already.

How to Budget for Home Renovation Cost

When budgeting for your home renovations, it’s always helpful to make short-term goals, long-term goals and have an emergency fund. Short-term goals can include new paint, textiles, light fixtures, or even a refinishing project. Many short-term goals can be tackled with just a few weeks of saving and planning, so make sure you set aside some of your budget for last-minute inspiration.

Long-term goals may include any structural updates, new floors, new windows, full cabinet or counter replacements, or appliance updates. You may want to set aside a small budget every month in order to save up for your next big home improvement project.

You should also set aside an emergency fund for considerations like flood restoration costs and hurricane clean-up. This can help you have peace of mind when unexpected events take place.

Planning and budgeting for your home renovations doesn’t have to be stressful. Get started today and turn your home into a space you love, with big or small changes. If you’re ready to take the first step, call us at (504) 322-1220 to schedule a free consultation.



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