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Playa Bowls, Baton Rouge

Adamick Architecture worked with the Playa Bowls corporate team to build out this slice of paradise in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There is new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and interior finishes throughout the space. We worked with the City of Baton Rouge and the State Fire Marshal to meet local zoning, and safety construction requirements to open the franchise location.

Chateau Veterinary Clinic

Adamick Architecture assisted Dr. Nix and her staff at the Chateau Veterinary Hospital to renovate and expand their clinic in Kenner, Louisiana. The collaborative goal was to enhance the clinic by creating more exam and treatment space, as well as expanding to a second floor for office and administrative spaces. Other features in this redesign include storage, spaces for professional development, a large dog examination room, dog and cat kennels, a washing station for future grooming services, and a cat-only exam room that circulates pheromones to further achieve the mission of being a fear-free certified clinic. Adamick Architecture successfully navigated appeal through obtaining a parking variance with the City of Kenner and also phased the design so that the clinic could continue to operate during construction.

Bywater Bakery

This historic corner store was sitting vacant and being used for the occasional art show and for band practice. Adamick Architecture worked closely with the owners to develop a bakery and café space within the existing footprint of the building to return the building into commerce. Today you can still see local art on the wall and the occasional show while also enjoying the wonderful menu of baked goods, sandwiches and drinks. Adjacent to the café is an apartment with access to an intimate courtyard. We developed fire details to separate these two uses while maintaining many historic features including doors, windows, beadboard ceilings, and bargeboard walls. The building is under full HDLC control, so we navigated the approval process for the necessary façade changes while also ensuring that the building became ADA compliant. To better serve customers, an expansion of the kitchen was planned for and implemented just in time for Bywater Bakery’s upcoming 2nd birthday in January. If you haven’t tried one of their amazing cakes or sandwiches, we suggest that you make a visit!

Clearview Veterinary Hospital

Adamick Architecture worked closely with Dr. Bennett of the Clearview Veterinary Hospital to design their new Metairie location. The design utilizes best practices to create two circulation routes, one for clients and a separate circulation for staff. This separate circulation will create a streamlined flow to increase productivity and help manage risk. The clinic includes four exam rooms, an x-ray suite, a surgical suite, and four treatment stations. Special spaces include a grieving room, a playroom for Dr. Bennett’s daughter, as well as large/small dog and cat boarding areas with dedicated outdoor run space. Interior finishes were selected for durability and to facilitate easy cleaning. A new parking lot ensures that clients will always have easy access to the clinic. This renovation will allow the Clearview Veterinary Hospital to operate in a modern facility that will be a wonderful place to work and a great resource for pet owners to keep their pets healthy for years to come.

Gardner Realtors Historic Renovation

Adamick Architecture was the architect of record of the breathtaking historic renovation of the original Gardner Realtors office located on Maple Street in Carrollton.  Originally, the office consisted of two historic structures that were connected with a series of 9 additions.  This created over 20 floor elevation changes throughout the building.  Adamick Architecture worked with clients to help them realize a greater vision for the space by removing these small additions and creating a comprehensive connecting building that acts as the office’s “bullpen”. Many historic features were retained and incorporated in the update of this business; including bargeboard on the walls, brick fireplaces, and beadboard ceilings. This project was approved for historic commercial tax credits, which helped to offset the costs of this grand transformation (Photos by IMOTO).

Canal Street Historic Façade Renovation II

Adamick Architecture has assisted in the historic renovation of another historic façade on a Canal St. commercial building. The Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) in New Orleans approved reconditioned brick and detail work on the third and fourth floors, new windows, and fresh stucco resurfacing on the face of this structure. We at Adamick Architecture hope to continue our support for the beautification of many more façades and commercial businesses in this area. (Photo by Scott Heath).

Canal Street Retail Store

Adamick Architecture collaborated with the corporate design team at Athlete’s Foot to create this beautiful flagship store in the Giani building on Canal St. This high-end franchise location was completed on a highly accelerated design and construction schedule. We worked with the Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) in New Orleans to approve the installation of the new storefront system within the historic Canal Street façade and collaborated with Athlete’s Foot to create a customized, New Orleans-themed store interior. Architectural features such as original cast-iron columns and exposed brick walls were preserved, new high-end finishes, custom product displays, new lighting and HVAC systems were incorporated into the stunning renovated interior (Photographs courtesy of Athlete’s Foot).

Freret Street Historic Facade Restoration

Adamick Architecture assisted in the historic restoration of a commercial building on Freret Street in New Orleans. This two-story structure originally housed a Chinese laundry on the first floor and apartments on the second floor. The renovation included restoring the stucco façade, and providing drawings to white box a restaurant downstairs and an office upstairs. This building was also made accessible to persons with disabilities without disrupting the defining historic characteristics of the building. We worked with the Division of Historic Preservation to make this design adhere to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, so the project could be eligible for tax credits. The stucco façade was resurfaced and painted. Adamick Architecture measured the entire existing building, prepared elevations that showed an appropriate restored appearance, and guided the project through review and approval by the State Fire Marshal and the city of New Orleans. (Photos by Scott Heath)

Canal Street Historic Facade Restoration

Adamick Architecture assisted in the historic restoration of a commercial building facade on Canal Street, in order to meet the requirements of the Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) in New Orleans for a Downtown District Development grant. The stucco facade surface needed to be returned to its historic appearance, including character-defining score lines that resembled stone blocks. Adamick Architecture measured the entire existing building, prepared elevations that showed an appropriate restored appearance, and guided the project through review and approval by the HDLC for construction. Subsequent to this project, the same client engaged Adamick Architecture to design a grant-funded historic restoration of the facade for another commercial building on the same block of Canal Street. This HDLC-approved facade restoration is currently under construction.